Tuesday, April 15, 2014

White and Ecru Christening Gown

Christening gowns should be beautiful and made with the best fabric and laces, but not detract from the true masterpiece, the baby.  It is the baby that is being dedicated and at the same time that is who friends and family have come to see. 
For a truly special gown, check to see if anyone in the family has a wedding dress that will never be worn again.  If the fabric is not suitable, some of the lace might be just what the gown needs.  And last but not least, pass the gown around with love and give it a family history.


Arlene G said...


Mochasgrams said...

I so agree that all clothing should not detract from the child. This has been a realization as so many boutique children pattern makers seem to overwhelm the child. The choice of more color, more layers, ect. and the poor child gets "lost" in all of it.

The gown is stunning!


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