Saturday, November 17, 2012

You Should Always Invite A Friend...

You should always invite a friend over when you are having this much fun.  And it is even better when your friend brings a friend, in this case her new Lamb Chop puppet she got for her birthday.

They kept looking at us like we had been keeping a fabulous secret from them.  I don't know how we'll handle the fact that our magical pile of leaves will not be here forever.  And by the way, Lamb Chop loves animal crackers!  Who knew?

Lamb Chops mommy decided that she needed to do her own free style jump into the leaves.

*No, I have not quit sewing, but we are having a whole lot of fun doing other things that I don't want to miss a second of.  As I was laying on the couch last night exhausted, Rex commented that maybe sitting in the floor playing with the kids and playing tag through the house all day long, might be a little more tiring than I realize.

May you also be exhausted from fun!  :)



Arlene G said...

I love Lambchop!! I have not seen her in AGES!! And you are right, as much as we love our grands, resting on the couch is our go to mode when they leave as well!!

Patrice said...

You always hear people say that being a grandparent is way better than being a parent. Then people laugh and say that's because you can send them home...but really I think it's things like this post. When you are the grandparent, you aren't stressed out taking care of the babies all the time, so you notice the babies noticing things. It's so sweet to see things through their eyes. I think you better leave those piles of leaves right where they are!


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