Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Smocked Truck Jon-Jon

I am aware that my smocking days for the boy are numbered, so with that in mind I am smocking with a purpose and many times with a theme in mind.  So, in honor of the new truck sounds that he has learned to make, the boy now has a new outfit featuring trucks.  The Jon-Jon is made out of a soft chambray which pleated up nicely and is smocked with Ellen McCarn's "Keep On Truckin."  The Jon-Jon will work well with a long sleeve shirt underneath for Winter and then short sleeve for Spring.

I must admit that I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to roll a truck across the kitchen floor making the appropriate noises!



Eileen said...

Love it! His smile is adorable!!

Patrice said...

Love Christian's little smile AND the Jon Jon! :)


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