Monday, November 5, 2012

New Sew Beautiful Magazine

I must admit that it was when I spotted the new Sew Beautiful magazine in the grocery store yesterday that it occurred to me that I had failed to blog about it.  Makes me wonder what else I have forgotten to do the last few weeks. :)

The "Ribbon/Christmas Issue" is full of inspiration.  The boy's article gives detailed instructions for adapting a collar and completing the Bridging Stitch.  A lovely effect on the black corduroy outfit.  The outfit was made using pattern #134 and a vintage look snowman ribbon really dressed up the outfit.  The ribbon was given to me for the purpose of the article and I have been unable to find it available for purchase at this time.

It is fun to open up the magazine and see how our little guy looked a year ago.  Sitting alone was his new trick and once he discovered the artificial snow, things went downhill pretty fast.  Who knew that little boys instinctively roll in snow?

Have you started your Christmas sewing or are visions of Christmas outfits still dancing in your head?


1 comment:

Arlene G said...

What a handsome fella!! And I understand the urge to roll in the artificial snow.:) Love all the eye candy on your blog Michie.


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