Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Bye Baby Whisperer

We had a wonderful visit, but it is now time for Daniel to head back to South Korea.  Not only was it a treat to have the kids in the same are for a few weeks, I also happened to get the 3 boys in the same picture which is kind of like trying to get a photo of Big Foot!  There they are, Daniel, Ben with Emma on his shoulders and Tim!

But what we will miss the most is Daniel's baby whisperer abilities.  Babies, like dogs always know who really likes them and who is just being polite.  They knew.  Was it because he is silly and will get down on their level, makes sure that they have the right educational toys, or could they smell the kindergartners that he teaches overseas?

Whatever it was, it worked and it was a tremendous help!  Yes, we will miss him and a year is a long time, but this is his 6th year so we have adjusted.  Not only is it what makes him happy, he is also going back to someone special.  Thank goodness for Internet and Skype!



janice neal said...

Does your son teach on the seoul army base? I went to school there in the 60's. I liked this post.

Eileen said...

Every family needs a baby whisperer:) Safe travels to him!


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