Saturday, May 12, 2012

The 95 Year Old Baby Dedication Gown

Anna and I both held our breath today as Christian was Dedicated in the 95 year old family Christening gown.  I had done a little repair the other day and although the gown is still a beautiful white pima cotton, the fabric is now so thin that I felt like I was stitching on cotton candy.  The boy did great and fortunately did make any sudden moves that will require more repairs.

The fabric was so thin around the handmade button holes that they ripped out during the last Dedication.  I stabilized the placket with a piece of fabric on the wrong side, but on closer examination, realized that the fabric is also very weak around the buttons.  I tacked silk ribbon at the neck band which not only took care of the problem, but also makes the neck a little more adjustable. As I was attaching the ribbon, I was wondering when was the last time that I used silk ribbon and it dawned on me that it was left over from the flower girl dresses that I made for Anna's wedding 4 years ago this week!  Just a little more history added to the gown.

You can click here to read more about the Christening Gown.



Martha said...

A precious boy in a beautiful gown. What a day to treasure.

Angela Lee said...



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