Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Birthday Party

Rubber Duckies were the theme, and a whole lot of family and friends gathered to celebrate your first birthday including all 3 of Mommy's older brothers, Auntie Tif, and Emma!  

The presents were cool, but did not compare to the tissue paper that they were wrapped in.  And since you certainly wouldn't want to waste a good audience, you chose your party to let go and take off walking!  

And of course there was a birthday outfit made my Nana Shay for the special day.  Mommy requested a Jon-Jon made out of Kona cotton that would last all summer long and smocked with Ellen McCarn's "Ducks Ahoy."

I case you are wondering, he did not eat a blue iced cupcake in this outfit.  He ate his cupcake in an old tee shirt, then had a bath, then dressed up for opening presents!  :)



Eileen said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

TerriSue said...

The Jon-Jon came out beautifully Michie'. I was wondering about the cupcakes. When Emily turned 3, 24 years ago, I had made her the sweetest little dress out of Liberty of London fabric my sister-in-law brought back from England for me to make up for Emily. It was the sweetest print. It was only 36" wide and I had to look for a pattern that would work. Luckily we had her 3 year old portrait done before her birthday. She had never eaten cake as messily as she did that day, and it was her first chocolate birthday cake. I worked on that dress for weeks trying to get the stains out and never could. By the way in recent years I have found that plain club soda will take out chocolate stains. It can't be flat, but it works like a charm.


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