Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Winter Knitting

Of course this would be Anna knitting, not me. Since the day Christian arrived she has looked forward to knitting the little guy a special sweater and hat. A small bag has been pulled out of her over sized purse off and on since September when she had a few minutes to spare. Just in time for cold weather, the sweater was completed.

Soft pale gray yarn was a nice switch from tradition blue. Brown buttons gave the sweater a rather trendy look.

And of course if you have the warmest sweater ever made by your mommy.... you will need a hat. The yarn for the hat was sent by a very special friend before Christian's arrival.

This is what the boy did when we first sat him down in great grandmother's chair for pictures. He immediately decided to launch himself over the side to see if there was anything new on my floor. Fortunately Grandda had quick hands!

There is a reason that I call him "Monkey Man!"



I have had a few questions about what knitting patterns Anna used for the sweater and hat. Anna found both on Raverly, but the sweater is by Western Sky knits by Heather and the hat is Cozy by Allison Williams.


Rachel said...

I love the sweater and hat!! Anna, I learned how to knit before you and you are already knitting a sweater. I have been scared to even try but am willing now that I see Christian in your handi-work! It is so darling on him. What pattern did you use for the hat and the sweater?

Eileen said...

Love the sweater! He just gets cuter every day!

MLM247 said...
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