Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Daygown With Center Smocking

Since rainy Sunday afternoons are perfect for hemming and attaching buttons, the daygown in now completed! This is the final project that I will be teaching during Martha Pullen School. I love teaching how to add a little smocking to a plain pattern.

We will be using pattern #125 and the smocking design is Ellen McCarn's "Baby Bunnies." I used Martha's Heirloom Batiste for the fabric and the tatting was attached to the collar by hand. Both the fabric and tatting can be purchased from Martha Pullen Company.

If you only have a little time for smocking, this is the way to go!



Chari said...

I love this! I'm wanting to learn how to do smocking this year and this would be the perfect first project.

Barb Hardeman said...

Gorgeous day dress, Michie! I'm just learning how to smock, I have one bishop dress completed. Your work inspires me so much. Thanks!


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