Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finishing Up A Couple Of Things

This has been my week of actually finishing up some projects. It sounds like a good start to a new year! Martha Pullen School in February is right around the corner so it is past time to get the projects completed. Along with the pre-day classes I have the Smocking Construction School once again. On the first day of the school the students will learn how to construct a Jon-Jon with an insert using pattern #137. The smocking design for the "Wagons" can be found in my "Beginning Smocking Book."

The second and most of the third day will be learning to construct a beautiful white bishop style dress which includes smocking and lace on the sleeves and lace on the hem. The students will use pattern #135 and the smocking design is also in the smocking book.

"Beginning Geometric and Picture Smocking" is one of the pre-day classes that I always enjoy teaching. The sailboat smocking design is an original one that I came up with for Christian that will be provided with the class kit.

The next post will be the final project for the school, which will be a lovely pale blue daygown with center smocking.


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