Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Sew Beautiful Magazine

It felt like Christmas came early when Rex brought in the mail and my preview copy of the new Sew Beautiful magazine. And what were the chances that Christian, Anna, and Jason would be here for a visit when it arrived? There were 5 copies in the package, so we had a race to see who could find Christian's picture first!

The process started in August while I was in Arizona visiting and the magazine e-mailed me asking about a certain baby outfit that they had spotted on the blog. Why do these things always happen when you are out of town? After I figured out which outfit they were talking about, and tried to remember where is was, in Christian's closet, things moved quickly from there. Christian was photographed at the end of August and I then had to really scramble to get the article and embroidery design completed. One of the dangers of having a garment requested that I have had on hand for awhile is that I then have to retrieve or remember all the details and techniques. But all of those are good problems! :)

Of course we were thrilled with the photograph and it was so much fun to see the finished product from the photo shoot. It is truly amazing how well that they can photo shop out spit up! This was also the day that Christian started arching his back and trying to roll over. What you don't see in the picture is Mommy and Nana Shay ready to catch him if he topples over.

And the best news of all is that this is the beginning of the new "For the boys" article that will be in each issue this year! I was given the opportunity to come up with 6 garments and accompanying articles which will feature designs, tips, and techniques for our little guys. Since my first 3 children were boys and I now have a grandson, this is a project that is very close to my heart and that I am looking forward to sharing with you during the next year.



Laurie said...

Congratulations! I will enjoy seeing your work in Sew Beautiful. I hope my issue arrives soon.

Sophia said...

With a grandson on the way I cant wait to see the articles!

Kathleen said...

Great Job! Congratulations!

Mary said...

What an adorable baby! He's precious and so happy.

Congrats on the articles too.

Jan M said...

I have always enjoyed viewing your lovely garments in Sew Beautiful. It must be even more heartwarming when they are worn by one of your own! Cannot wait to receive my issue and drool along with Christian!

Jan Williams said...

Our first grandson, Daniel Patrick was born December 26th, so I'm looking forward to your articles next year!


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