Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christian's Christmas Outfit

Thank goodness that Jon-Jons go together rather quickly. Christian's Christmas outfit is completed and best of all, he is really cute in it! The Jon-Jon is made out of the same micro checked gingham as Emma's dress with a white Imperial Broadcloth smocked insert. The shirt is also made from Imperial Broadcloth and is an old pattern that I had on hand.

You might be wondering why the boy doesn't have on his cute white dress shoes that Nana Shay bought him. Well, it was almost nap time and I saw no need in making him mad trying to get him to uncurl those sweet baby toes so that we could put shoes on for a picture. He appreciates it when I let him do what he wants! :)

What is more Christmasy than a station wagon with a Christmas tree strapped to the top? While designing the plate there were several hard choices that had to be made such as how much smocking or in other words, how busy did I want the design to look? So, the decision was made to leave it at one lone station wagon. What do you think the reason was?

A. I didn't want to overpower a 6 month outfit and distract from the cute guy who would be wearing it.

B. Time was and issue, so I stop smocking while there was still time to finish the garment.

C. It is a station wagon driving in white out conditions!

Actually, Anna and I both agreed on "A", but I think that the others are valid reasons. More is not always better especially with sewing! I still like the simple classic designs and plan on sticking to them!

You can click here for the free smocking design!

* Please disregard any suspicious looking e-mails from me! My account has been hacked and we are in the process of taking care of it.



Cindy said...

Love this!!! I was just wondering today if I had enough time to make a jon-jon for Ean. If I do I may use this adorable plate. Thanks!!!

Baby play mats said...

That is really a cute Christmas outfit! Hope Christian enjoy his Christmas celebration.


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