Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Happened While I Was Away

Our boy decided to sit alone while Nana Shay and Grandda were in Arizona visiting Emma. I guess that will show us not to be gone for two whole weeks! So, for those blog followers who remember Christian's arrival into the world in May, you will understand how thrilled we are that at 6 months, he is doing everything right on schedule.

You might also notice that in a matter of weeks he lost his brown baby hair and is going to be a blond for now. He looks so much like Anna at that age, including the blond hair, blue eyes, and dimple, that it is kind of creepy.

And although his mommy has a special place in his heart that only a mommy can fill, he looks just like his daddy when he is thinking and knows that when daddy is around it is play time!



Eileen said...

See! I told you he was just perfect!

Jan M said...

Yea for reaching milestones on time! He is just precious. I do believe his team also won quite soundly yesterday!

Martha said...

How adorable is that little dimple? Yea to Christian for discovering a whole new world while he sits up. His jersey is very cute.

Cindy said...

He is just precious!!!!


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