Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Fall Dress For Emma

Emma was a pretty good sport about modeling for Nana Shay as long as Grandda Rex was close by. That is his hand in the picture. Although she had not seen Grandda since she was 4 months old she went to him like they were old friends! I'm sure that the strong resemblance between him and daddy helped, but she is a friendly girl.

The dress is made from Fabric Finders print #973. I ran across the fabric back in the summer and loved the purples and olive greens. I spent quite a bit of time picking out the floss color and ended up using DMC #153 and #553. The dress is a variation of pattern #131 which I also used for her dedication dress. The directions can be found here.

For this size 12 month dress, I pleated 16 rows and stitched a 5 step Trellis Stitch. The dress is also Back Smocked with the 5 step Trellis design.

You might be glad to hear that Emma's Christmas dress which was interrupted with my mishap is now in the mail and Christian's outfit is ready to construct! What are you working on for Christmas or is your sewing all done?



Amber said...

My kids are too old to sew outfits for Christmas, but my nephew is not! I've made him a longall with a reindeer applique, and am working on a snowman, so that he can wear that one all winter. Had I thought much more about it planning wise, I would have just made it reversible so that I could cut my sewing time in half!

Laurie said...

So cute! And a Grandpa you can trust!

Jan M said...

A very sweet dress, but even sweeter photo -- complete with her grandfather's hand!

Anonymous said...

Michie, could you please explain the reason for back smocking the entire area even with the geometric smocking? There must be a good reason because the outfit looks great. I was in your first smocking class at Huntsville and you helped me conquer my fear of the bishop dress. I won a blue ribbon and a SPECIAL AWARD ribbon for my smocking. Fun, fun,fun!!

TerriSue said...

what a beautful fall dress. i like geometric smocking on tiny prints. emma looks precious. i'm afraid i'm not doing much sewing this holiday season. i started making soap this year. we are on an extremely tight budget, so family and friends are getting my homemade soap for Christmas. i also taught myself how to knit in august. i'm trying to knit a washcloth to go with the soap for everyone. last year i started making felties for my then 3 year old granddaughter. they are tiny animals made out of wool felt. i stuff them with kapok to keep them natural. i'm working on a set of 3 little kittens who lost their mittens for part of her Christmas. and i am embroidering a wool blanket for my 4 month old grandson, though i don't think it will be done in time for Christmas. i just haven't seen much of my sewing machine lately.

Shannon said...

Beautiful! And the dress is gorgeous, too!

Anna said...

What a beautiful dress! Our little ones favorite color is purple. I have a beautiful pre gathered solid purple dress that my sister gave me, she had picked out a tulip print to go with it but she was sewing these dresses in 2003 or 2004. I am thinking about using white black and a sage green but afraid the purple is a little too bright. I will have to get the DMC color book you suggested to have on hand.


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