Sunday, May 1, 2011

Storm Update II

Just a little update.....I wish that Anna's comment of "Mom and Dad have power" was current. Our power only stayed on a few hours. We are now on day 5 without! But, no complaints, and it is getting closer to us each day and I hope that business will be back to normal soon. Meanwhile, Anna is having a lot of false labor, so things are pretty exciting right now.
*For those or you who are wishing that the blog would get back to and me both!!! :) Let's just both be patient!



dlogan said...

We are praying for you all!! Have patience my sewing friend, and God will provide. :) We just got our power on here in Hot Springs, AR, so I feel your pain. Storms are predicted for tonight and tomorrow. UGH....

God Bless, Darby Logan

Ms. Elaine said...

Be safe! You might turn the power off at the box before it comes back on. My friends electricity was off during a snow storm several years ago and the surge when the power came back on caused her house to catch fire. Love your patterns and your work.


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