Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diaper Shirts For Baby Boy

Although I have know since Christmas that Anna is expecting a baby boy in May, I have been sewing like a crazy lady the last few weeks! Ever since I made my first diaper shirt and cover 33 years ago to bring my oldest home from the hospital they have been my favorite!

Made from pattern #109, this sweet little white outfit is embroidered with "Little Lion" by Karen and Tamzin Bosch, and can be found in Sew Beautiful issue #132.

Brown buttons and a Running Stitch around the sleeve added a little color.

This pale blue and white cotton stripe is summery and masculine at the same time. When Rex saw the fabric laying on the cutting table he thought that I had claimed one of his shirts for a sewing project! Not a bad idea.......

The puppy is an "Aunt Martha's" embroidery design. I think that I used this very same puppy on that very first diaper shirt! I used two strands of white floss and a Back Stitch. This one is Jason's (Anna's husband) favorite.

Anna asked me the other day why they are called diaper shirts. Back in the day before air conditioning, a diaper and a little shirt were all that baby would need for Summer!

And how is Anna doing? She is being admitted to the hospital tomorrow night and we are expecting baby sometime on Monday. Let's just say that Rex and I are more than a little excited!!!!



Jennifer said...

praying your grandson arrives safely! Can't wait to see him wearing your creations!!

seamsgreat said...

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother again! Prayers for a safe delivery for mom and son.


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