Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dedication Dress Free Smocking Design

I couldn't resist sharing a picture from Emma's Baby Dedication. Have you ever seen a Mommy and Daddy any happier?

Click here for the free smocking design.



AngelaP said...

What a lovely family!! The dress was super!! Thanks for the smocking design. What was the total rows smocked?
Thanks again

Aunt Honey said...

I was hoping you'd share that smocking design. A beautiful dress, for a beautiful baby!!! I only have a grandbaby hope chest at this point!

Michie said...

I pleated and smocked 16 rows.

Laurie said...

Oh how precious! nothing is sweeter than a baby dedication! Thanks for sharing....and for the free design too!

Karen said...

And did you pleat half rows? I love to work with pleated half rows.

Michie' said...

I pleated 16 rows and did not bother with half rows, but they are helpful to a lot of folks!


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