Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Sewing For Emma

I must admit that having the opportunity to sew an Easter dress for my first grand daughter was a little overwhelming, and I also wanted Tiffany to pick out what SHE wanted for Emma. So it was a happy coincidence that while they were here for their visit that I was able to choose fabric and patterns for a new project and find out what Tiffany likes at the same time.

A bright yellow bishop with lace and smocking at the sleeves will be perfect for their warm Arizona weather, and I must admit that I have a huge weakness for anything with bunnies! It was also pretty fitting that we happened to look out the window one morning and there was a real bunny nibbling on the grass! Emma could have cared less, but Tiffany and I were pretty excited.

I combined two smocking patterns for the design. Both are by Ellen McCarn. I used "Little Lambs" for the grass and "Baby Bunnies" for the bunnies and carrots. I was very pleased with the results and love reusing favorite smocking designs that I already have on hand.



Elisabeth Rose said...

That dress is adorable and Emma is even cuter! I used that same plate on a yellow yoke dress for my girls' first Easter and it has always been one of my favorite smocked dresses! Happy Easter to you and your family!

Teri said...

It is very adorable. I'm sure you had a wonderful time with Tiffany and Emma. I can't wait to see them in a few weeks. I'll get to see Emma wear her new Easter dress.

TerriSue said...

isn't sewing for a granddaughter the best. mine is four years old.
we are expecting our first grandson in july. when my son was small there were hardly any patterns available except a couple of childrens corners. my how i used them. when finding out my daughter was expecting a boy i bought almost every boy pattern you have designed. one day when babysitting my granddaughter i got out a photo album to show her mommy and uncle eric when they were little. when mommy and daddy came to pick her up rowen wanted to show them the pictures. while emily looked nostalgically at them, lanham couldn't stop laughing at how "funny i had dressed" eric. he said he looked rediculous and then slowly looked at me and said with a low voice, "you don't intend to try to dress MY son like that?" so i have put away the patterns and the ideas in my head for the sister/brother outfits because i know the only part that would ever be worn would be the sister part. maybe someday my son will get married and have a son. he remembers the clothes i made for him fondly and i know won't object to Michie' designed clothes!

Patti Walsh said...

I just finished a smocked daygown with the little lambs plate in the photo. I have had a smock and wear business for many years called Meredith's Closet. Over the years I have learned whose patterns fit and whose required fixing. Yours always fit right and are well sized.I have just started a blog to go along with my website. Thank you so much for all the great patterns. I have MANY of them.Will be back to look better when it isn't so late!


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