Saturday, April 23, 2011

"He Is Risen" Matthew 28:6

Once again we are having a house full in our very small house for Easter dinner. We decided a few years ago to make some holiday changes since half of our kids live far away. Instead of sitting around missing those who couldn't be here, we invited a couple from church to join us and it all snowballed from there. So far I have 15 on the sign up sheet to come to lunch in our very small house and only half of them are related to us! This has given us a broad range of ages, stories and fun. Thank goodness the weather is suppose to be nice, so we can overflow outside. Don't worry about me, I'm only supplying the house, Easter ham and ice. And with that many people, who is going to notice if the house is clean?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy a day of worship, family and friends!


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Jan M said...

Your celebration sounds wonderful! Holidays really are better when shared with family and friends -- clean house or not! Happy Easter blessings to you!


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