Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Visit From Emma

Finally! It has been 4 VERY long months since I have held sweet little Emma! What a thrill when Tiffany and Emma got off of the plane and then we realized that Ben (our oldest) decided to surprise us and come for a few days!!!

Can you believe that this sweet baby is now 5 months old and has doubled in size since I saw her last?

A whole lot of "Nana Shay" rocking is going on, and although I had been hear stories about her, Emma has been on her best baby behavior for her visit. I think that she was just excited about the trip last week when she decided that babies no longer needed to sleep......

This is Aunt Anna's first time to meet Emma. Don't you love the look of pure joy on their faces?



Jan M said...

Love the look of joy on your face, too! Have a wonderful visit with Emma and all!

Amie said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! Little pieces of heaven on earth!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a beauty - in a beautiful dress!

Cindy said...

I too am a "Nana". Looking at you rocking Emma makes me teary-eyed as I now too am a distance from my grandbabies.
Emma's mommy is so lucky. All those beautiful, precious dresses.
I will be pulling out the bishop we made at class last July, hemming it and sending it to my youngest grandbaby tomorrow; this after seeing you with Emma :-)


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