Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Box from Nana Shay

I have been waiting YEARS for grandbabies to wear the little bubbles and dresses that I have stashed away! Finally, the girl things can be mailed to baby Emma and the boy things will go to Anna. Anna calls it, "Shopping in Mom's closet." As I go through the outfits it thrills my heart when the size of the garment will be just what they need for the appropriate season.

This pink bubble was packed into a box with many other sweet things and mailed to Emma this morning. It should be just right for spring in Arizona, and is sweet without being too fussy.

This white dress is made from Nelona and the overlay is a purchased trim. When I made this dress "way back when", I couldn't imagine that I would be mailing it to a granddaughter in a few years!

Both the bubble and the dress are made using pattern #104. This is a very easy pattern and I like that there is not a collar to get stuck up under that sweet little neck!

I don't think that Emma will mind that both outfits appeared in Sew Beautiful magazine several years ago.


1 comment:

Sew Shine said...

This truly is a sweet little dress! I agree with you on the neck...better without a collar. This dress is definitely a treasure (even more once your grandbaby is in it!)



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