Monday, March 7, 2011

Substitute Size Tag

This was my solution this week when I ran out of 3 month size tags! I like to put the size tags down near the hem of the dress, so a few quick stitches on the side seam was all that it took.

I would also like to answer a question that I had recently about detachable collars. There are several methods that work well. I generally attach a loop and button to the back of the collar and then sew a couple of clear plastic snaps to the underside of the bias edge of the collar and to the wrong side of the neck edge of the garment. The snaps help keep the collar from moving as it is being worn.



Hallie said...

Oh thank you for the collar suggestion!!! Best wishes, Hallie

Debbie B said...

What a great idea for size tags!! I have always wanted one of the sewing machines with the built in alphabet to do just that!

Anna said...

I had no idea that women could buy size tags for their garments. I was shopping at a local thrift store and found the most beautiful smocked dress. There was a size tag in it so I assumed it was store bought! Ha ha! Now I know. What a great idea.


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