Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anniversary Time

So, what did we do to celebrate our 34th anniversary last weekend? Why took my serger in to get it serviced of course! :) Actually, we worked in dinner and a movie and the sewing machine repair store happened to be in the area. But it is just like us to work in something practical while we are out and about.

The coffee cups in the picture were voted "The Christmas Present That Made Us Smile This Year" by us. Daniel, who is a very creative gift giver, decided mugs with our names on them were too boring. So, our mugs have our "pet" names for each other on them! We make a point to use them every Saturday morning when we have time to sit down and eat breakfast together. They seem to get our weekend off to a good start!

The mugs were purchased from

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Billy and Jane said...

Have so many of your patterns in my "stash" as I begin sewing for my first grand daughter. Thank you for the inspirations.


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