Thursday, March 24, 2011


Just wanted to let you know that if you have tried to download the directions for the instructions on the previous blog, it is now working! Note to self......if blogger is acting up when I am working with it, go back to it later.

I got permission from Anna to post this picture of her which was taken just minutes before she walked down the isle 3 years ago. Sometimes the expression says a lot. This picture has been one of our favorites and we ran across it the other day while getting ready to go to Breast Feeding Class. Things sure change in 3 short years!

In case you are wondering....I went with her to Breast Feeding Class because it was out of her husband's comfort zone and there are just things that women are meant to do together. I did not make her wedding dress (thank you Anna) but did make the veil and added all those teeny tiny seed pearls to the head piece. I wore the earrings to out oldest sons wedding and she and I each wanted to wear them to hers. So they are now referred to as the "wedding earrings." And my favorite thing is her necklace, they are her Barbie "pearls" that she has had since since she was about 10 years old and that she always considered her good jewelry and wore for special occasions. Every time a think of the necklace it reminds me of how fun Anna is!



Laurie said...

What a sweet story about Anna's wedding attire.

Anonymous said...

Cute story! I hope midnight feedings, sleepless nights, spit-up, and dirty diapers won't be "outside of (Anna's husband's) comfort zone!" lol!



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