Monday, February 21, 2011

Attaching The Collar

I used pattern #103 for this little outfit and added Bridging (or Faggoting) to the collar. 1/4" was trimmed off of the outer edge of the collar to accommodate the bias strip and the Bridging.

The shoulder seams of the front yoke and back yokes are stitched together, along with the shoulder seams of the front lining and back linings.

The two collars were tacked together along the 5/8" seam allowance so that they would not move while basting them in place.
Next, the lining is folded over on top of the yoke, sandwiching the collar in between. The shoulder seams are matched up and the back opening is on the fold. I then stitch around the neck opening and trimmed and clipped the seam.

Understitching the neck opening is then done to keep the lining from rolling out to the right side of the garment. I have opened up the lining and the yoke, so that I am only stitching through the yoke lining and the seam, close to the edge. You are seeing the lining and the underside of the collar in this picture.

This can be a little confussing, but I fell in love with this technique the first time that I tried it years ago. I love not having to fool with a tiny bias strip and that the yoke is lined!



Claire Meldrum said...

Love it! As always, your dresses are the perfect balance of detail and sweetness. I love your collar - the bridging is wonderful.

Julie said...

This technique is so easy! My collar turned out great and it took half the time of whip stitching a bias band. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now if you could give me an easier way to set in sleeves.


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