Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making A Bias Tube

I had few questions about making the bias tube for Bridging or Faggoting around a collar.
First, measure around the outer edge of the collar to determine the length of the bias strip. Fold the fabric at a 90% angle and cut along the fold.

Fold the fabric again to a depth of about 1" and cut along the fold. You now have your bias strip.

Fold the bias strip in half and stitch ABOUT 1/16" from the folded edge. *This is the goal, but this measurment may need to be adjusted depending on the weight of the fabric.

Do not cut off the thread tails! These will be used when turning the bias tube. Trim the excess fabric off of the bias strip, leaving a little less than 1/16".

There are several good loop turning tools on the market, but my favorite remains the most inexpensive! It is made by Dritz, is easy to find at most fabric and craft stores and is under $5!

Run the loop turner through the bias tube and securely wrap the thread tails around the hook at the end of the loop turner. Say a prayer, hold your mouth just right, and gently begin to pull the loop turner back through the tube, gently pulling the tube right side out.

Press the bias strip and continue with your project!

I consider it a good day if the the strip turns easily on the first try, so don't be discouraged if this takes a little practice.


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Claire M. said...

Thanks so much for the tip on the threads!! I was one of the commenteres asking about your narrow strips - I always struggle when I try to turn narrow tubes but I'm going to try your suggestion for using the thread tails and fingers crossed, tongue in the right position :), mine will finally work!


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