Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Dresses for Emma

Baby Emma is growing so quickly now and since Arizona is having an unusually warm winter, I almost overlooked sending a couple of little dresses that she should be able to wear right now!

Both dresses are made by pattern #127, and are sweet and simple with a touch of lace and embroidery. The pale blue dress is View C in the pattern and the pale yellow dress is View B.

Because the techniques for applying the lace are so simple for these dresses, this is the pattern that I use most often when teaching Heirloom Sewing.
The Heirloom instructions and the embroidery designs are both included in the pattern.
Another reason that I enjoy this pattern is that very little lace is needed. I often trim these dresses with lace left over from other projects. That also brings up the question, "Do the laces need to match?" It is okay to use different laces on the hem and sleeves. Many antique outfits that I have run across appear to have been made with laces that they had on hand.

As you look at these photos, I know many of you are thinking, "Wow, I wish I had the time to sew like Michie' does!" I must confess that both dresses have been part of my Trunk Show for years and I have not touched my sewing machine in at least a week! I hope that the lack of sewing time is about to change!



Anonymous said...

these dresses are so precious!!! they have just the most adorable touches!!! Emma will be lovely in them!!

Piper said...

OH, I love these! I think I may have to do the blue one. I love the embroidery on the hem and the touch of lace is so delicate! I will have to add this pattern to my growing list of must-haves. Thanks for sharing these. Baby Emma will be precious in them!


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