Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is Smocking Still in Style?

I am often asked if smocking is going out of style. If we go by these pictures that my sister-in-law took in Paris a couple of months ago, and by the number of students that are signed up for my smocking classes, and the number of Anna's friends who are wanting to dress their babies in smocked outfits, the answer is...........NO!

If we go by all of these signs, smocking is going to be around for quite awhile! We often refer to smocking as "classic" which according to the dictionary means, "something of enduring interest, quality, or style."

An now I think I will go back to my smocking and cup of hot coco. :)



Unknown said...

Yes, it is a classic and I don't think will ever go out of style. I used to think it waned for a while but have come to realize I thought that because my daughter had grown out of it and I was no longer in touch with what little girls were wearing anymore!! LOL
The mothers of my two granddaughters LOVE smocking.

Jeannie B. said...

Loved seeing the pictures of smocked dresses in Paris!! O la la!! And I can picture the steaming cup of hot coco, too.

Jan M said...

Neither smocking, nor hot chocolate, will ever go out of style -- at least in my little corner of the world!

Julie said...

I'm from the South and smocked dresses and even smocked clothing for little boys and babies has never gone out of style. There are moms and grandmammas that buy smocked clothing almost exclusively for any dress up, special occasion. Then there are all the boutique brand names that specialized in smocked clothing like Orient Expressed, Anavini, Vive La Fete, Petit Ami, and on and on. I consider smocking to be a true art form and worthy of appreciation.



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