Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Smocking Book!

Why is Anna smiling? Because after months and months of planning, discussing, writing, and proofreading, the "Beginning Smocking Book" is finally finished and ready to ship!

I have had this book in my head for years, but knew that it would not be an easy one to write. And it wasn't! The book is in the order that I teach smocking and includes the numerous tips and hints that I have learned in 30 years of smocking.

The book covers not only the basics of pleating, sizing, basic Geometric stitches, but also Picture Smocking and a Smocked Bonnet Pattern.

Also, included are 10 smocking designs, 4 of which are in color. You can find designs for Geometric Smocking, a design for a bishop, sleeves and the bonnet. Both Picture Smocking designs also have a tutorial that will take you step by step while you learn to stack stitches.

I am looking forward to using the book during "Martha Pullen School of Art and Fashion" and in all of my smocking classes from now on!

*During the last week before the book was completed, I kept having dreams that I was proofreading.......glad that is over! :)

Click here to see how to win a free copy of the book!



Nima said...

i'm so happy for you...congrats on your new book...

Auntie Pam said...

Sew sew sew emb emb emb on my brand new Babylock Elegante 2 machine. Machine emb & smock,sew,quilt and get caught up on projects.

Smocked Dresses said...

The smocking book looks wonderful! So glad to see people like you that truly love this old artform. Smocking children's clothing makes true heirlooms that can be passed down to the next generation. I have a lot of smocked baby gowns waiting for grandchildren to be born.

Jennifer said...

Hi Michie! Just found your site. I am a brand new smocker and we got a copy of your book in our class. It is fabulous!!! We love the easy to understand drawings. I am on my way to starting my first project!!! So excited. Thanks for the great book.


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