Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Diaper Shirt and Shorts Part 2

Well, now we know, I can embroidery a cute little frog, in less time than my husband can unload a truckload of mulch for the flower beds. That either says something about my embroidery skills, or his shoveling skills....I'm not sure which. The important thing is that the little frog turned out to be a great project for a lovely evening outside.

The frog is stitched with basic stitches that can be found in the "Heirloom Embroidery Book." The green frog's body is Shadow Embroidered with three strands of floss. (Sorry it doesn't show up well in the photo.) His body is stitched with a Back Stitch, and 3 strands of floss, and his face is stitched with Granito Knots and Back Stitch, using two strands of floss.
After the embroidery was completed, I cut out the front of the shirt and marked the pleats with a blue wash-away marker.

Right sides together, the pleats are pinned and stitched.

The pleats are now pressed toward the center. The next step will be to construct the collars, and see how they are going to look.
Be sure to check back in for the next step!

*Family update: Several of you have asked how our son is doing after returning from Iraq. Fantastic! He has 30 days before going back to his real job, and he is taking advantage of it. He called his sister (and not me.....yippee!) to help him restock his apartment with groceries. Then he flew to Arizona to visit and snow ski with our oldest son and his wife. He did manage to find time to join us for Easter dinner, and is now packing for South Korea to spend a week with our youngest son! All sounds good to me!



Laurie said...

Ohh, I LOVE your froggie! Can't wait to see this ensemble completed!

Laura said...

Sounds like your son is havine a great time...good for him. I love the froggie!

Patti said...

love the froggie. i am pretty sure I have that book(unless you have done more than one) , so i will go look it up!I really enjoy u=your patterns. they go together well and make up really cute. I did a diaper set recently with the diaped=r shirt and I made more of a bloomer. The lady also wanted booties(crocheted) and a blanket and a matching pair of longer bloomers. wish I could attach a picture!


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