Monday, April 19, 2010

I Promised You Inspiration

This inspiration comes in the form of spring weather. While the weather is still perfect, we like to have deck sitting marathons. I am proud to say that I won this weekends event. On one of his many trips to Lowe's, my husband brought home a new cushion for my chaise lounge and a cement bunny! Our daughter came over and made sure that I had plenty of magazines and painted my toe nails. As the tee shirt says......"Life is Good!" I challenge each of you to slow down and enjoy the season. The summer heat will be here soon enough!



Cindy said...

I am glad you are doing well! Enjoy yourself during this time. I agree that the weather has been beautiful!!!

Debbie B said...

Hope you are doing well and recovering more each day. I am seriously thinking of playing hooky during all this beautiful spring weather in SE TN. Wanting some time to make a bubble or diaper shirt for our 11 month old grandgirl from the froggy material you featured a week or so ago. I just had to order some. Now it's washed and ready for the sewing machine! Best wishes.

Laurie said...

Ahhh - it looks peaceful and relaxing! Sounds like you have a wonderful family!

Unknown said...

I too have been enjoying some deck time. So glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you nursing staff is treating you well. Take care of yourself. Susie T.

zees5 said...

Michie`, you are always inspiring and your knitting looks beautiful - great guage! We are in California and will be having 35 mph winds, hail and temps 15-20 degrees below normal. It's a beautiful, warm sunny morning and I sent my kids to school in jackets. If anyone didn't check the weather forecast they probably will think I'm crazy, but when it's colder this afternoon than it is this morning I will be so glad I checked. And I am so thankful that I do not need to run my AC yet! ~Page


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