Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Road Trip!

Once again, I am teaching at Beth's Heirloom Sewing this Friday. I visited this wonderful shop back in the fall, and will never be in the Montgomery, Alabama area again, without stopping in!

The shop is located in Wetumpka, Al about 15 miles north of Montgomery. My husband likes to drive me down for the classes, drop me off, and spends the day at the "guy stores" in the area. Last time we went, he ate lunch at a popular BBQ restaurant and kept describing the really cool grill he had found at the sporting goods store. He refers to these day trips as "our vacation." I keep reminding him that I am teaching, so it is a work day for me, but he isn't buying it. He knows that in reality it is "Sewing with the girls day!"

Beth's has everything for your heirloom sewing needs and classes that teach a variety of sewing techniques. I will be teaching a beginning heirloom sewing class on Friday. The class filled up right away, so there are plans for me to go back the following Friday to do the class again!

You can see from the pictures that they have a wonderful selection of patterns, fabrics, laces, and notions for children's' clothing. The shop is open Wed. - Fri. 10:00 - 6:00, and Sat. 9:00 - 1:00.

I had planned to go with a list of things I need to add to my fabric stash, but after looking these pictures I have changed my mind. I'm just going to arrive early and stay late, so that I will have plenty of time to shop!


Laurie said...

Wow! What a nice shop! I simply must visit it someday!! Thanks for sharing all the pics!!

Families Are Like Fudge said...

I am taking the class on Friday. I can't wait to meet you and learn all I can. What a fun day!

Kathleen said...

Lucky ladies to have a class with you! What fun!



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