Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lace Edging to Fabric

Sewing lace edging to fabric is easy and very pretty!

Lace edging has one scalloped edge and one straight edge.

A contrasting color thread was used for the photos. Use a fine machine thread that matches the lace.

Lightly starch and press the fabric and lace. With right sides together, pin the lace edging to the fabric about 1/8" to 1/4" from the fabric raw edge. Stitch the lace to the fabric using a straight stitch of 2.0.

Whip and roll the lace to the fabric by setting the machine on a zigzag stitch width of 3.0 and length of 1.0. Using an open toed or a rolled hem foot, "zig" into the straight edge of the lace and "zag" off the edge of the fabric. The fabric edge should roll over onto the lace. (Because each machine is different, try different machine feet and experiment with the stitch until you get the desired results.)

Hold the thread tails as you begin to stitch. You will need to take a few stitches before the fabric starts to "roll."
Press the lace away from the fabric, pressing the rolled edge toward the fabric.

This technique takes a little practice to find what stitch adjustment and foot works best for your machine, but once you master it, you will never hesitate to "Whip and Roll!"

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Laurie said...

absolute perfection - thanks for the detailed tute!


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