Thursday, February 25, 2010

Other Stuff

Just so you won't think that all I do is sew, part of this afternoon was spent trying to open an e-mail from our middle son who is in Iraq. The e-mail was titled "Flight home." Since his scheduled flight home has changed 3 times in 2 weeks, I was anxious to see when the trip to Camp Shelby will be! For some unknown reason the e-mail would not load, and would not load, and would not load. After trying off and on for an hour, I finally e-mailed him and asked him to resend his message, in hopes that he would still be near a computer and not out on a mission. Later this afternoon, I received the message and it read, "Hey, Mom, I'm thinking about house hunting when I get home......" That was it. Nothing about a flight home. So, for all we know we are still on standby to make the trip to Camp Shelby to get our kid and his stuff sometime in March!


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please tell your son we appreciate his service. I hope he is safely home very soon!


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