Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boxes from Home

Once again we have a kid in Iraq. Between two of our sons, daughter-in-law, and son-in-law this is our fifth deployment during the past 8 years. From all of this we have become really good at sending boxes to the military! Although our soldiers are well supplied, those boxes from home are special. They usually ask that we send their favorite deodorant, shampoo, or shaving lotion. But sometimes the requests get a little odd. We have sent boot scrapers, women's hunting socks, the best severe weather hand lotion we could find, and Charmin toilet paper. We always send individual size packs of lemonade mix, hard candy, trial mix, and favorite magazines. Last week I was told that the weather is now cool enough to send chocolate. Candy bars are now arriving IN the wrappers!

What is appreciated the very most are the boxes that say "home." Our daughter-in-law told us that keeping them feeling part of the family while they are away is the most important thing we can do. Besides sending weekly e-mails with the boring details of our lives we try to send a small box about twice a month. Because they are able to watch some of the college football games, we recently sent a "ballgame box." It had all of the shippable food that guys like to eat while watching football. The next week the request was for caramel apple dip since apples were plentiful at the chow hall. I was puzzled for awhile when the two younger boys kept asking for Twizzlers. How could it be their favorite candy and I not remember? It turned out that it reminded them of going to movies with their oldest brother!

Last week while on the phone with the son in Iraq, I had a first hand glimpse of how fun the boxes can be. He had me hold on while he answered his door. I heard him say, "Sure, just a minute" and he came back to the phone laughing. One of the guys was going door Trick or Treating with the little pumpkin that his wife had sent. Can you guess what the friend was dressed as..........a soldier!


Annelle said...

Thank you for your children's service to our country. I also have a son serving.
You are so talented- love all of your patterns.

Michie' Mooney said...

Thank you! I will also be praying for your son.



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