Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Those Halloween Costumes...

Most of us have made more than our share of Halloween costumes! With four kids under 10 years old, the three oldest being boys, and Halloween being my husbands birthday, things could get a little complicated. I never had the time to make elaborate costumes, but did end up with a costume box for them to choose from. I would start praying in September that the majority would pick something already in the box. Fortunately, they were a pretty easy bunch to get along with, so we tended to see Superman, Batman, G.I Joe, and a pirate year after year.

After her first trip to Disney World, Anna came home with Minnie Mouse ears and I knew I had the beginning of a costume. I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled across the red and white fabric on the clearance table at Wal-Mart. It was a stiff nylon fabric that I couldn't imagine what it could be used for and it was marked down to $2.00 a yard! I used a basic yoke dress pattern that I already had on hand, serged the seams, skipped facings, turned under raw edges, and used Velcro in the back. The pantaloons were made from white broadcloth and a shortened pants pattern. We already had the shoes, tights and gloves. This was her all time favorite costume and she won first place at the school costume contest!

I could post many great pictures of "costumes past", but this was the only one that I had permission to use. I respect the kid's privacy and live in fear that if I make them mad they will refuse to help me with computer or camera questions.

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Anna Michie' said...

That still is my favorite halloween costume that I have ever had. While at Disney World this summer I discovered that Minnie Mouse has glammed up her ears which are now black sequins. Since I bought a pair perhaps I should be Minnie Mouse again one year.


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