Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quilts At The Library

I love visiting our local library in October for the annual quilt show.  Many of the quilts are new and several are very old, but they are all inspiring.  Whether it is the person who made them, hours of quiet stitching, or special fabrics, quilts hold special memories. 

I like my quilts to have special meaning whether it is the fabric I choose or a special design or color combination.  The quilt that I  cherish most was made years ago with scraps of fabrics from things that I made for my children.  Fabric from play clothes, nursery curtains, and a favorite Kindergarten dress are all included.  This quilt has a place of honor on the foot of my bed and every time a touch it I remember how much I loved being a mommy to little ones.


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Arlene G said...

I love the quilts at the library as well!! I did a post on cross stitching today. Enough people are driving me crazy that I have spent quality time with my q snaps and linen.


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