Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mickey and Minnie

I was excited to be involved with the grand children's Halloween costumes again this year!  The mommies chose Mickey and Minnie Mouse and we divided out the sewing and party planning.  Since football season gives me a bit more time to sew on Saturday afternoons, I took care of  Minnie's dress.  Pattern #131 worked great with the only adjustment being a couple of inches added to the length of the yoke.  Mickey's shorts are being made using pattern #139 out of red broadcloth. 

Since Grandda's birthday is on Halloween and "Minnie" will turn 4 years old  a week later, they decided to share a party this year.  I am more than happy to do the sewing and leave the party planning to others.  :)



TerriSue said...

Please, please, please put a picture of the kids dressed up. I would so love to see it. Especially if it has grandpa in it. I spent today cutting down a women's size med sweater into a vest for my seven year old granddaughter. She is dressing like a manga character of which I have never heard of or seen until my daughter found pictures of the little girl and I put them in my Evernote.

DangAndBlast! said...

I made a pair of those (using a 1950s Simplicity pattern - perfect!) for a friend's kids. Just dropping by to say (again) how much I love your patterns. (Picked up the jumper&blouse yesterday for fall/winter school clothes.) They're the only ones I've come across that don't drown my slim little girl, and they're so straightforward. Though I've branched out a bit into the excessively frilly/froufrou stuff (mostly for costumes/christenings, though), you're my mainstay. Thank you for being my introduction to heirloom sewing!


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