Thursday, February 7, 2013

Loop Tape Tutorial

For quick and easy loops for a bishop I sometimes use purchased bridal loop tape.  The loops are a sturdy elastic, but are too close together.

Before stitching the placket in place, I baste the loop tape in place, stitching down every other loop so that they will be caught in the seam.  Stitch the placket following the pattern directions and you have perfectly spaced loops for the buttons.

I'll share the details for this Easter bunny bishop on the next blog!



Angela Lee said...

What a great idea! I love buttons on bishops but don't like making button holes. This is the perfect solution.

Edward said...

This is a great tip! Thanks so much

Marliese Thomas said...

This is genius! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and your tips!

Laurie said...

This is a wonderful idea! Thank you

Patrice said...

Can't wait to see the whole bunny dress!!! Adorable! :)


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