Monday, February 11, 2013

A Bunny Bishop For Easter

Surprise!  I have the Easter dress ready ahead of schedule!  Last year I was sewing at the last minute and did not care for the feeling at all, but sometimes life just gets complicated.

The bishop style dress is made out of pale blue Imperial Broadcloth so that little or no ironing is needed.

The smocking design is out of an old Creative Needle Magazine Feb. 2008.  Cute little bunnies that I have been saving for years waiting for just the right little girl.

The sleeves are edged with French lace and smocked with a simple geometric pattern.

 And here is one of my little secrets..... our girl is very hard on hems so they are all stitched on the sewing machine!  Although it goes against my entire sewing background, mommy is a lot more relaxed and can let her play.  For this dress, after the hem was stitched in I did a running stitch by hand using 2 strands of DMC floss right on top of the stitching to add some color.

Do you have a sewing rule that you break to keep things simple?



Anonymous said...

I understand that, Michie. I was always unsure whether a hand stitched hem would make it with my active girls when they were little. I loved the machine-stitched tucked hem...

Saint Nolt Sews said...

When the Stride Rite rubber soles come in contact with a hand-stitched hem, those shoes will always win. I started sewing in a growth pleat many times just to keep a hem in the dress. I have found that children only get rougher on clothes, not would be amazed at what condition my daughter's clothing comes home from church. Clothing never stops a child from climbing to the highest spot on the playground and then jumping to the ground!


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