Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sequin Sequins Everywhere!

1978 Stocking

Most of us are familiar with the Christmas stocking kits that are made out of felt and trimmed with sequins and beads.  My mother made them for my kids and our little guy needed one this year. I bought the kit at Hobby Lobby, I have no idea where Mother and I were finding them over 30 years ago.  Anyway, never having worked with felt, sequins, and tiny tiny beads it was quite the challenge.  As I finished the project I had the hang of it and things were going smoothly.  The main difference I discovered between the new and the old kits were the amount of "sparkle" that they now have which means A LOT more beads and details.  Sounds about right for our times doesn't it?  I'm confident that I will be finding beads and sequins in the couch for the next 5 years. 

Do you have special Christmas stockings made with love at your house?



janie said...

I absolutely LOVE those felt sequined stockings! I am a bit intimidated by the detail bad was it? My kids have pottery barn hand knit stockings, but we also display the stockings that were mine and my mothers from way back in the 40's and the 60's. Somewhere along the line a cherished felt one was misplaced :(

Merry Christmas!!! I look forward to lots of lovely smocking on your blog in 2013!!!

your friend in KY....Janie

MLM247 said...

My son, now in his thirties, was given a Christmas stocking when he was a toddler. I found it to be a rather useless object although it certainly prevents an overload of gifts. Doubtless it would hold the orange or the lump of coal. Santa brought our children gifts that were found at the foot of the bed. Family gifts were under the tree.
I think you are an absolute champion for attempting this project. I am confident it will become a cherished heirloom.
When using sequins or beads I sit at a table and place the little things on a sheet of felt. This reduces the rolling and falling.

Grandsie on the Road said...

The sequinned stockings, ornaments, and tree skirts bring back such wonderful memories! We have many ornaments that I made back in the 70's and a couple of tree skirts. Most of mine came from a mail order catalog, "LeeWards", I think. There was another catalog also but sure can't recall the name. I would LOVE to find some more kits but don't think these are made anymore. :(


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