Friday, September 7, 2012

Matching Prints Tutorial

 Do you like to match the prints when sewing a garment with a straight front seam such as a Jon-Jon?  To tell the truth, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't bother.  If the urge does hit, I have a few steps that I follow that are easy and gives a good match.

1. Cut out one front and mark the center seam allowance using a ruler and a wash-away marker. You will only be marking the straight section of the front.

 2. Fold under and press the seam allowance that you just marked and laying it down on the uncut piece of  fabric, position it until your prints match and pin in place.  Here you will see that my elephant is divided in half.  Using the wash-away marker, mark close to the pressed fabric edge the length of the seam on the new piece of fabric.
3. Unpin the fabric and being careful not to shift the fabric, lay the cut out front, right sides together, on top of the fabric so that the previous markings match up.  The pressed line of the front should lay directly on top of the marks.  Peek and make sure everything looks good before cutting out the second front.

 4. I like to baste the seam with a stitch length of about 3.5 to make sure that everything lines up just right before stitching the normal seam. 

 If your prints match perfectly on the first try you are entitled to a little victory yell!

Keep in mind that matching the prints will take  extra fabric depending on the size and pattern of the print. 



Amber said...

Thank you so much for this, I've read this before, but the pictures really helped me to see it, literaly!

Oh,and WAR EAGLE! :D

hjones said...

It's so simple and yet so well done. I am obsessive about matching patterns and have turned myself inside out working on them!

Arlene G said... that tutorial but it reminds me too much of matching up wall paper!!:) See you Friday!


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