Friday, August 31, 2012

Are You Ready For Some Football?

 If you know me at all you are laughing over the title of this blog. I never have caught on to football and finally came to terms last year with the fact that I will never understand it and that is okay! But, I am the only one is this group who is not excited about the coming season, so I have learned to plan some really good parties  and to have a couple of cute outfits for the kids.  

Anna created the dress out of a plain white tee shirt with a hand stitched Alabama "A" on the front.  I then gathered gray gingham for a skirt and zigzagged it to the bottom of the shirt. How simple is that?

The Jon-Jon was made from the perfect print fabric sporting little elephants and is lined with black and white gingham.  A white tee shirt is waiting in the closet to go under the Jon-Jon for those cooler fall days that we are all looking forward to.




Nautical Knitter said...

Ah, see, there's the problem...Come over to the Orange and Blue...We have cookies :-)

Seriously, I have always loved football and, luckily, I married into an Auburn family (I'm a closet Texas fan myself). Regardless of what the team, the appliques are just so darn cute!!

Arlene G said...

Loving all your "creations" Michie!!

Aunt Honey said...

Precious outfits. Please tell me how you got those elephants so perfect down that center seam!!!!

TerriSue said...

My husband is 6'2". He was always the tall kid in class and later developed the shoulders. He has never had any interest in sports at all. His best friend in high school was 5'3". He so wanted Jim to go out for basketball so he could live vicariously through him.
After we had been married 3 years Jim's job brought him to the D/FW area and the Cowboys. We always use Super Bowl Sundays to do things
like buy Jim a suit or do any shopping that is male related that we can put off until then so that we don't have to wait in line. So nice. He has changed jobs since we moved here 29 years ago. He now works for the UT at Arlington. But he chose well. It's a college that doesn't even have football! I love the outfits. The one for Emma is similar to what I would do for Emily during VBS when we would have t-shits. I would choose a seersucker stripe or plaid and make sure there weren't any girls only colors. Put the skirt on Emily's shirt and make shorts for Eric. They always loved to be dressed alike. Most of their outfits were smocked similar and took hours. But the VBS could both be done up in under a day. What fun.


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