Sunday, July 15, 2012

The One Hour Jon-Jon

I do sew fast, but I was surprised that it took barely over an hour to cut out and stitch together this simple Jon-Jon!  The fabric was from the stash that I bought in Nashville and is covered with cute little fish.  

Just what the boy needs for our hot humid summer days.  Although it seems odd to be sewing for summer in July, someone has decided it is time for a growing spurt!  Besides the Jon-Jon will be just as cute in the fall with a white shirt underneath.



Eileen said...

Love fast and easy projects! it is nice to feel like you got something done and checked off the list. He looks like he is pretty comfy on your deck.

Eva said...

My youngest was born in 1970. When he started walking to about 3 yrs old, this Jon Jon pattern was used for spring thru summer. They were always so neat. My Grandma always complemented me on how good my son always looked. I wished I had kept that pattern and had put on the pattern how many I had made. These are so easy and fast to put together. Thank you so much for bringing this pattern back.

Anonymous said...

What is the specific pattern?

Michie' Mooney said...

The pattern is #137 and is still in print!


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