Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Sundress For The Girl

Yes, another sundress and one that will also be cute with a tee shirt underneath in the fall.

Grandda picked out the fabric while we were in Nashville.  Green gingham piping contrasted beautifully with the fabric.

While this happens to be mommy's favorite style on the girl, it is also one of my favorite to make!

Click here for the tutorial!



Eileen said...

Love it! The contrast fabrics are so cute! And look at how much hair she has now!

janie said...

Love it! I have a hard time believing it is looks complicated. Can you do a tutorial on it? I am scared to try it on my own.

TerriSue said...

She's adorable! Michie' you should be putting growth tucks in these. I remember making the same style for Emily and she always got at least two years out of them when I added tucks. They are so forgiving around, you just need to add length the second summer.


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