Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Those Special Hugs

Not what anyone planned, but our sweet girl, her mommy, and daddy have been with us almost 3 months during the transition of moving from Arizona to Alabama.  And now the new house is ready and they will be moving tomorrow which fortunately is only minutes away.  I will miss hearing "Mommy? Nana?" first thing in the mornings, but I will be reclaiming my office and sewing room.  :)

We have loved watching her go from toddling to running and climbing and many other "firsts."  One we have especially enjoyed are the hugs she has begun to freely give at bedtime.  Sunday morning, she decided to give me an especially big hug as they were leaving for church.  My heart soared when she singled me out, ran into my arms and gave me a special hug.........until she ran into the kitchen and also gave the refrigerator a hug!



Barb Hardeman said...

You are so blessed to play such an active role in your granddaughter's life. Now, once again, you will be empty nesting!!
Blessings, Barb <><

Martha said...

How precious. Enjoy having them close by.


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