Saturday, June 2, 2012

Christian's Favorite Sunsuit

Our summer came early this year, so I imagine that many of us are scrambling to get something cool and quick made for the kids.  According to Anna, this is Christian's favorite sunsuit.  It is made from light weight pima cotton using pattern #120. Click here for a tutorial for attaching the yoke.

Christian likes the yoke since it doesn't slip off of his shoulders like straps tend to do.

The leg openings are cool and breezy for hot sweaty days.

And it is Shadow embroidered with really neat sailboat.

Although the sunsuit is great for the walking running guy on the go, this photo shows how cute it was when he was still just a "creeper!"



Aunt Honey said...

So precious. As adorable as your clothes are, they can't compete with how cute he is!!

Our First Baby said...

I just started following your blog, so I apologize if you have answered this before. Do you have suggestions for fabrics to use if you want to minimize wrinkles? Or is there something I should be treating these fabrics with to keep them less wrinkled. I am very new to sewing. I just finished smocking my third dress using pima cotton. The other dresses were pima cotton and satin batisse. I am always a little disappointed with how the dresses look after just 30 minutes of wear. I am obviously doing something wrong because the dresses look like they have been shot out of a wrinkle gun after just a few minutes. I don't use starch -- is that the problem? I noticed I used cheap broadcloth for a lining and it looks great -- almost no wrinkles. Basically, do you do anything to prepare the clothes for wear that makes them less prone to wrinkling? Or do you have fabric suggestions that are less prone to wrinkles? I keep hearing that I need to buy expensive fabric so the dresses will last longer, so I didn't know if you could give me a suggestion of fabric that is good quality that can also handle being played in without wrinkling so bad. Thank you in advance.


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