Monday, April 16, 2012

The Secret Weapon!

First of all, a closer look at the white linen bubble that Christian is wearing in the new Sew Beautiful Magazine.

The article in the magazine will give you step by step instructions for accurately marking the tiny tucks on the fabric which is the most important step!

And here is MY secret weapon for getting straight tucks. A presser foot with an adjustable guide. I don't even know what it is called! All I know is that it fits my Baby Lock Ellure sewing machine and that it is pretty magical!

Set the needle in the center position, then adjust the dial to set the white plastic guide for the tuck depth. The folded edge of the fabric, which will become the tuck, rests against the guide.

If your sewing machine will not accommodate a magical presser foot like this one, don't panic! I only discovered this little gem a few years ago and learned with accurate marking and a little patience, I could still get great tucks.



janie said...

Your things are just lovely--pure eye candy.

I was wanting to take your Martha Pullen class --yikes! I had no idea it was so expensive (not that it is not worth it). I may have to save a few more years. Don't plan on quitting anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

It's a adjustable blind hem foot - you can get them from Singer (as it comes with many of their machines) or you can find a generic brand. I also use it for 1/4" seams - if you move the needle to the far left and the white guide to the right, I get an exact 1/4" seam guide. Of course that can also depend on your machine. I absolutely love this bubble - pure boy!


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