Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Photos?

The babies did not think that sitting still for Easter pictures was a good idea at all!
They had other things on their minds, like exploring and eating grass.
Finally, they were both still for a split second and I got a decent photo.

What a wonderful time we had. A house full for Easter dinner, games, and babies to play with!

*We are now back and forth to Vanderbilt with doctor appointments and tests for Rex over the next month. We have a neurologist who is determined to get a firm diagnosis, prevent more strokes if possible and is planning on physical and speech therapy. Rex is also feeling much better on new medications, so we are greatly encouraged.



Anonymous said...

The Easter pictures of the children were beautiful!An Easter with two beautiful,excited little beautifully dressed children...doesn't get too much better.
Will be thinking about you all in your medical journey.

Jan M said...

Real life photos are the best! These are precious, and we can all just imagine the fun you had!
Prayers for you and Rex, as he undergoes test. May there be a simple solution, and healthier days ahead.

Smocking with Gwen said...

Oh Michie!!!
Love the pictures. Brings to mind a comment my uncle would say...."It's like herding cats!" Too cute! So glad you had both babies home together at this age....they grow so fast. Best wishes and prayers for Rex too.
Happy Smocking,


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