Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Little Jon-Jon Inspiration

Here are couple of the Jon-Jons that have I made by the new pattern. The first is made out of a green check that I bought not having a clue what I was going to do with at the time. I like having green fabric on hand since it works great for boys or girls.

The "Tiny Turtle" smocking design is original. Hopefully, space permitting, we will be seeing this outfit along with the design in Sew Beautiful Magazine next Summer.

Blue gingham is one of my all time favorite fabric. This Jon-Jon is a 3 month size and at the rate he is growing Christian should be able to wear it before long. It would also go into Fall with a little white polo shirt under it. This is also an original smocking design that I hope to see in the magazine in the future.

I have never been successful at graphing out Picture Smocking designs before although I had made several attempts. One day something in my brain clicked and I am now able to do basic designs! I think that this comes from all the beginners that I have taught over the years. I know what will come easy to you and what will be confusing. Since I do not have an interest in producing and selling smocking designs, you can watch the blog for occasional free designs that will be suitable for beginners.


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Jill said...

Love these! So cute!


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